How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android? Simplest way is here

How-To-Guide: We are back with another How-to guide for readers. Well, as we know at present the trend changes with the day and with trend people changes taste and desires too. So as we have seen that many people switch from Android to iOS or from iOS to Android.

Well, earlier before all these things transferring contacts from one more to another was not a cup of tea for everyone. Even today transferring contacts from iOS to iOS or Android to Android is very much easy but people stuck at point when they have to transfer contacts from iOS to Android.


Well, in our today’s How To Guide we will let you know how to transfer contacts from iOS to Android with few clicks. So let’s get started. We will guide you step by step.

  1. First thing you need to transfer contacts from iOS to Android is iOS 7, Because with this update Apple has provided the new feature of adding internal accounts to the device. So you need to have iOS 7 in your device. The new version of iOS is almost available to every iPhone so first step is to update to iOS if you haven’t updated yet.
  2. Second step for this process is to make a ‘Google Account’ you can do this just by visiting to the Gmail from your device and add a new Gmail account.
  3. In third step enter into settings and go to the Mails, calender section and there you will see a service of adding a new account and add your Gmail account there.
  4. In next step the mobile will ask you if you want to sync??your device with your new Gmail account, Select yes and it will start sync your device with the gmail account including contacts too.
  5. Now if you have large number of contacts it can take a while, visit hereto see the progress with your computer for same account.
  6. Now you will see that the contacts are added to your gmail account, Now use this same account for the Android device and it will automatically Sync your gmail contacts to your mobile contacts.
    That was a quick guide on How to transfer contacts from iOS to Android device in 6 easy steps. Stay tuned with us for more updates and news.

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