Top 5 Autoresponder Services

The top AutoResponder services reviewed online have been rated based on 5 distinctive features, these are; reliability, price points, costs, multiple campaigns and easiness or difficulty in set up. The best autoresponder services are expected to be highly reliable, offer much more value than its price, and must be able to handle multiple lists and campaigns.
The top 5 autoresponder services are:

1- AWeber – pros and Cons:

AWeber is the best autoresponder services around; it is the single most popular option for autoresponder services. With AWeber, you will get unlimited autoresponders and unlimited email campaigns, extensive customized web forums, excellent in-built performance analysis, an in-built CAN SPAM, plain text and HTML are fully integrated, free online tutorials, and 24 hours free customer care support. AWeber offers a 30-day money back guaranty and it fully integrates itself with common web platforms.
Cons: AWeber is slightly on the expensive side, though you sign up for 1$ for the first month , but you will get charged 19$ after your first month.

2- Getresponse – pros and cons:

Getresponse is one of the top autoresponder services online today, they are second in ranking only to AWeber but are a little cheaper than AWeber. A 250-person mailing list will cost you around $9.95 a month while a 1,000 person mailing list will cost you 18$. Getresponse offers a 30-day free trial period, and you have access to great features including; List booster, Email Intelligence, and form builder.
Cons: Due to an increasing number of subscribers, Getresponse has updated its software to V6.0 and the inclusion of some features has increased sharply its pricing. You might have to pay for some of the features you don’t actually need.

3- iContact – pros and cons

There are some broad lists of features on iContact that will help you monitor your email campaigns remotely from far and near places, and also help you increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns. iContact seems to have different tools for everyone, whether you are a guru in website designing or marketing or a beginner, you wouldn’t have problems setting up or using this autoresponder service.
Cons: You may have to buy or download a sales force application if you want to monitor your conversion rates statistics- this means an extra costs on your pocket.

4- Infusionsoft – pros and Cons:

Infusionsoft is a very good autoresponder service, its cool features help you attract, engage new clients easily, they help you measure and optimize your results easily, and personalize your campaigns for better conversions. Infusionsoft provides automate marketing services that help you convert leads to customers, and create effective online store front.
Cons: Infusionsoft does not integrate with many web applications, which is a letdown.

5- 1shoppingcart– pros and cons:

1shopping cart is one of the top autoresponder services that offers an all-in-one solution for selling online, reliable and secure shopping cart, powerful email marketing tool to grow your business, and an excellent product catalog for your digital and physical items. You can try 1shoppingcart for a free 30-day period. 1shoppingcart is one of the most affordable autoresponder companies online.
Cons: The system is a quite complicated and will require some efforts and time to master.

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