So You Want to Build an Online Business?

I designed this site for people who want to make a few bucks online…or who want to make a full time career of it. Chances are, since you found my site, you are about where I was back in 2004. Back then I was teaching myself how to build an Internet business…or trying to anyway.
I had a full time (more than full time actually) job that I did not want to keep. I had a dream of building a website and replacing my job with it. I didn’t know at the time what a tall order that was. I didn’t know that 99% of people who have that dream never even make $100 online (unless they garage sell on eBay)….much less a full time income.

One Trait You MUST Have

But I have one very good trait that allowed me to succeed: Once I set my sites on building a successful Internet business, I did not stop until it happened. By 2006 my wife was able to quit her teaching job and work in the online business at home. By 2007 I left the rat race and joined her!
Yes, it was always 5 steps forward and 4.5 steps back it seemed. This is how it will be for you too. Short of lottery luck, you will not enjoy much, if any success for the first year or so. If you need money fast, building a new Internet business is NOT for you! Go get yourself another job or two and work on the web in your spare time.

How To Get Support From Your Spouse

No, I don’t have a magic pill here. But this is how it worked in my house:
For about three years I worked almost every night after my wife went to bed and almost every weekend. It was tough trying to do it while working in my job 50 some hours a week. My wife was about to lose it in the beginning. It was straining our relationship for sure. She did not have the passion I had for it until I started seeing some light. Once enough money came in to make the car payment, she was getting on board. Once enough came in to pay the mortgage too, she really understood. Once the sites replaced her income so she could quit and stay home, I was her new best friend!

What NOT To Do When Building a New Online Business

Again, if you do not learn patience, you will never succeed in this business. There is no paint-by-number plan that will work for you. There is no quick and easy way. None! Most beginners learn the hard way and fall for scams that promise quick riches. I fell for a few myself. Actually, I tried also a “legit” method to do it quickly (Google Adwords). I do not care to admit how many thousands of dollars I gave to Google before I finally understood that PayPerClick is way WAY hard to make money with! Don’t even think about PPC in the beginning of your online business career!

All You Need Is Right On This Site

This site has EVERYTHING you need to begin earning income online. Everything! If you browse the site and see tons of stuff you don’t understand, that’s normal. If you spend a few hours reading articles and watching videos and you get the feeling that it is going to be hard, you are RIGHT!
The best indicator for your possible success is whether or not you begin this process now and are still working hard at it in two months (even though you have not earned one dime yet). If you can do that, you will be one of the very few people even give themselves a chance to succeed!

No Rocket Science Needed!

None of this is hard. It is not rocket science. ANYONE can do it…if they want it bad enough. But how badly do you want it? Will you work 2 or 3 hours late each night after everyone has gone to bed? Will you work weekends? Or will you, like most, give it a go for a few weeks and then give up? The odds of making a success of this are NOT good. But whether you succeed or not is TOTALLY up to you.
But listen, I don’t want to be all negative here. The good news is that the first $100 you make in your Internet business is the hardest. Once you earn that, then you know exactly how to make $500 a month…you just wash, rinse and repeat. Then, after making $500 a month, you already know how to make $1000 a month….and so on!
But trust me, that first hundred bucks is harder than you can imagine right now. However hard you think you will have to work at it, multiply it by a factor of 4….or 10.
Watch my videos (see the link at the top of the page)…..(watch all of them). Study all the articles linked to over on the right…(all of them). Then use the search box to search specific terms you need more info on. STUDY a LOT first.

No Action…No Success

Then, in a week or so, get a domain and your hosting and begin! You can’t just “study”. You must TAKE ACTION. It’s only then when the learning really begins! Again, I see too many people afraid to just jump in. Just do it as Nike says. You only have to invest in an eleven dollar domain and seven dollar a month hosting…that’s it! If you spend more, you are wasting your money (remember my info above about scams).
Once you have a good grasp of the process and know how to make a simple and understand the basics about SEO, niches, and keywords, then you can consider my basic coaching package. At that time, it will be the best $37 you spend. The most important thing I have to offer you is keeping you pointed in the right directions. Time is very valuable. I can’t (and won’t) do the work for you, but my coaching helps you apply your work in areas that count and ones that WILL be productive down the road. It’s very easy to get side tracked and waste your time on dead-ends…I’ll keep you focused and offer you the best chance that your work will actually pay off in the form of a successful Internet business!
Confused? We Can Help!
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Good Luck!

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