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Professional Web Sites that Work!

From simple, elegant sites to complex dynamic online applications, the desired outcome for a Web site is the same: Results. You want a Web site that conveys your company’s unique corporate identity sells your products and services and effectively communicates with your clients or users. CWI Hosting understands what most designers have lost track of, and that is YOUR business.

CWI Hosting is different. After a consultation on what your goals are, we design a solution built to meet those specific objectives with additional services available as you grow.CWI Hosting can help you accomplish them and reach your audience with your intended message.
There are many reasons to turn to CWI Hosting for your Web site. People turn to us when they finally want their site done right. Do any of these top 5 reasons sound familiar?

  1. “A friend or relative is building my site, but it’s not getting done…”
  2. “My webmaster is hard to get a hold of, or has disappeared altogether…”
  3. “I tried to build my own site, but its taking too much time from my business, and I’m afraid the results are not as professional as they could be…”
  4. “I contacted an advertising or design company, but their fees were very expensive. They also had long turn around times with all the focus on design creativity and not business usability and results…”
  5. “I found a cheap deal, but now I have a cheap or incomplete image of my business through this Web site…”


Affordable pricing: Because CWI hosting generates its operating capital on our affordable enterprise class hosting services, you get design house quality at much better rates than other web developers because we don’t have to charge you as much as possible to survive. We have flexible terms and accept all major credit cards.
Appealing professional web design:Our designers are skilled with cutting edge techniques and knowledge. Plus, your satisfaction is guaranteed! We build to your specifications with our professional insight and recommendations. We can also handle integrated back-end database development to help you manage your site’s content or product inventory.

Experience and Trust: CWI Hosting has been in business for over 8 years, so you know we will be here to get the job done CWI Hosting is a BBB member in good standing that you can trust. We support several thousand small to medium businesses around the globe for all their Web site needs.
Results: CWI builds sites based on your business objectives. We do not stop until your objectives are met. Your chosen plan is executed to the fullest extent.>

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