How To Select Your Domain Name

The domain name for your website could help you rank higher in search engine traffic results. (SERP) Yet, you could decide making your site’s moniker simple, so people can remember it, if it’s more important to your intended audience. Or, you could go ‘catchy’ like and use it as a portal to enslave the […]

What is strategic marketing

Strategic Marketing! What is your Marketing Plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Are you thinking about creating one? The following videos will help you. They teach us what we need to know about creating a marketing plan. First are some questions that need answering before we start. Use the four p’s of marketing to […]

Online Business Plan

IM Business Idea Inside Step One of: “The Simple Online Internet Marketing Business System Plan That Works And You Can Follow It And Make Money In Any Market!” Or, the steps I used to make my first sale online within 4 days of using it. Step 1. Pick a group of buyers who are interested […]