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Inside Step One of: “The Simple Online Internet Marketing Business System Plan That Works And You Can Follow It And Make Money In Any Market!” Or, the steps I used to make my first sale online within 4 days of using it.

Step 1. Pick a group of buyers who are interested in buying the same ‘stuff’.
In IM speak, step one is ‘pick your target/niche market’. The niche I chose for step one was: “Making Money Online/Internet Marketing Training”.
Yup. About the dumbest niche a newbie should get involved with.
Not only dumb, but many of the competitors are smart, brilliant marketers who aren’t afraid to sell. Alright, I’ll admit some of them are ethically challenged and will steal money from widows and orphans. Just as there are in any group of people you’ll find anywhere.
I did OK, though.
In fairness, it was a lot easier to crack the IM market back then. I later adjusted the niche to “new online marketers”. I did have 4 & 5 figure months. But I was really lucky. (Wanna hear the story of why & how I stopped marketing online for almost 5 solid years? If enough people ask me, I’ll give you the dirt.)
But the niche market was my ‘idea’. You also need an idea. The trick of choosing an idea is:
Active Buyers
Products/services to sell them
Weak Competition
You want a niche market with enough keyword searches by people looking to buy stuff that you can sell them when you repeatedly get your offer in front of their eyeballs without facing strong SERP’s competition for the same keyword phrases you’ve picked.
Whew! That was mouthful…
You could get a winning idea right away, as I did.
The law of averages are against it, though. But, don’t give up until you find at least one niche you can practice/test your marketing skills upon. Because you’ll know how to duplicate the methods, all you need is one successful niche site, and the sky is the limit.
Knowing how to find profitable niches is not an option for making money online. (Unless you’re renting yourself out providing services like writing for pay.) Niche research is a task you could hire out. I don’t because of paranoia. Yet, I know successful people who do.
If you’re having problems coming up with niches/ideas, see a niche ideas starter report I wrote at: Niche Idea Starter It’s free to you.
Also, I strongly suggest you watch the free, 11 minute video, made by, arguably the best marketing genius alive today, Jay Abraham. Click the following link to watch it: More Niche Target Market Ideas
Following up on the two links above will help you enormously. OK. Enough for one setting. We’ll talk more about “Step 1″ next time.
Until then, may all your failures be lessons learned and your successes make you kinder to people who can’t help you…
Edward “Mr Ed” Thorpe “He who helps the most people Wins!”

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