7+ Best Motherboard for i9 9900k

Best Motherboard for i9 9900k:- Are you preparing a new computer using a quad-core chip? What exactly does this chip have others don’t? Well, among several other things — it’s the opportunity to overclock it to the stage of near burnout, however, minus the problems similar versions have.

This chip is a must-have for all those from the designing and gaming businesses. And as it’s accessible at incredibly affordable prices now, you want the ideal MOBO to enjoy what it gives.

The i9-9900K chip is made for the most intense assembles in 2020, together with brain-bending performance in gambling and threaded software — this is the chip to choose if you would like to construct the very best enthusiast platform in 2020. To get the maximum from this i9-9900K and push it to its maximum capabilities, you are likely to have to follow it with elements worthy of home the i9-9900K, for example, adequate cooling, adequate airflow in addition to excellent power delivery elements in the motherboard and power distribution.

Within this guide now we’ll discuss the top motherboards for i9-9900K assembles, to be sure that you aren’t bottlenecking your i9-9900K system by picking a sub-par speaker and get the most from your cash based on what you need. The Z390 chipset is suggested for i9-9900K assembles also provides potential soundproofing if you would like to improve your system later on, also offers better efficacy and functionality than its predecessor — the Z370 chipset.

We did the appropriate research and compiled a listing of a few of the most excellent Motherboards for i9 9900K. All you need to do is pick the very best motherboard in accordance with your budget and receive it to get this processor. So let us begin with our first plank.

Best Motherboards for i9-9900K – Our Picks

1.Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER – Best Motherboard for i9 9900k: Top Pick

Motherboard for i9 9900k

For many players, an ATX motherboard is the very best option. These boards give the most distance for PCIe slots, USB ports, lovers, and other elements. The sole drawback is they need a more significant case, but large chances are ideal for cooling, anyhow. Here are three fantastic choices.

Here is the Gigabyte Aorus motherboard in this listing, and if you’re searching for something more affordable, but the same functionality and characteristics as of the motherboards mentioned previously, this one fits best for you.

Not just it looks stunning with an RGB Fusion & Multi-Zone Addressable LED light layout. Still, also, it provides one of the very performance-oriented assembles on the marketplace.

This motherboard has excellent features set and provides exceptional value for its cost. It offers the opportunity to overclock to the maximum and revel in a steady functionality from the very first usage.

You still get a great sound system using a Realtek ALC1220 chipset and Sabre DAC audio package. Listening to your games & audio is going to be an absolute pleasure.

Nevertheless, you’ll be able to enjoy a 4-slot DDR4 RAM system, a USB automobile charger for portable apparatus, an Intel Gigabit LAN adapter using cFosSpeed, and onboard CNVi wireless network, and much more. The BIOS is an absolute delight to use with its intuitive UI and effortless fan control.

When you put in the Fins Array heatsink using a direct-touch heating pipe, it’s among the most stable motherboards on the marketplace. You may rest assured it will not burn, bottleneck your construct, or leave you hanging mid-performance.

✓Affordable.✗Saved setup is missing on bios upgrades.
✓Good aesthetics.✗No USB turbo charger
✓Construct for fans.
✓RGB Light

2. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Xtreme: Best High-End ATX Motherboard

best motherboard for i9 9900k

Forget about what chip you are using. Despite a non-invasive GPU, feel pop-in will probably be minimal with this kind and amount of RAM.

Auros Xtreme is your Gigabyte flagship motherboard collection, and there’s absolutely no doubt that these motherboards provide the very best energy delivery into the parts attached to it.

This motherboard is expensive but a great deal less costly than those as mentioned above. It’s 16 Phase Power Design VRM, which will be ideal for Intel i9 9900k. Also, you’re able to overclock any Intel mainstream processor with this device.

For memory, it’s four RAM DIMMs and supports the highest memory of 128GB in the clock rate of 4400Mhz overclocked. For storage, it’s six SATA6 interfaces and three M.two slots for NVMe SSDs with heatsinks on them.

It’s high-quality sound capacitors plus also a 10GBPS Ethernet port, which was lacking from the motherboard mentioned previously. We’re performed with specifications of the motherboard and jump to the do not have of it.

This motherboard battles with a few HyperX memory modules, and you’ll be able to overclock them to high tech rates. This motherboard is expensive for the attributes it obtained, but the cost does not seem much for Intel i9 9900K.

We’ve recorded a couple of Aorus motherboards on this listing so that you might also visit them under in this listing. This one is also an E-ATX motherboard, and you’ll require a complete tower chassis for this. Because of its cost value and performance, this motherboard is acceptable for both Intel i9 9900k.

However, there are a few other cheap alternatives available on this listing using the very same features set and by precisely the same lineup also, so take a look out there.

✓Have I/O cover.✗Conflicts with HyperX modules.

✓16 Stage Power VRM.✗Cheaper than many others but still pricey.
✓Looks-Wise that this Mobo is great.
✓Great Overclock Possible

3. Asus Rog Maximus XI Formula z390: Best Micro-ATX Motherboard for i9-9900K

best i9 motherboard

Ever since the very first Micro-ATX motherboards came out, people have believed that the platform low for gaming. But this has not been the situation for the past couple of decades. With new circuitry, it is possible to get exceptional performance in the Micro-ATX board. You won’t receive as many slots.

But considering how the onboard sound is excellent, you likely won’t even need a card. That is more than sufficient for almost any game that is foreseeable. If you are a top speed storage enthusiast, then the Maximus XI Gene has lots to offer.

Along with 3 Z390 avenues, you may even join two SSDs right into the CPU. Nevertheless, allowing these two M.two slots will slip eight lanes in the next PCI x16 slot machine. This may slow down the performance of your image if you are conducting a dual-slot GPU.

If you are having difficulty locating the M.2 slots, then you are not alone. They are located beneath the aluminium heat spreader, and it is a requirement given the comparatively modest size of this plank.

Just have a glimpse under the hood, and you’re going to have the ability to locate them.1 thing we love about the Maximus XI Gene is that the service for Asus Ramcache III tech.

This tech recognizes frequently-used documents and caches them in a given part of memory. This will not necessarily make a massive difference as you’re gambling, but it makes an enormous difference in regards to the boot period.

Another fantastic element of this ROG MAXIMUS HERO is that the usage of Asus Optimem ll raises the efficacy of this motherboard by closely maps the signal pathways. For increased over-clocking T-Topology design can be added.

Together with the existence of AURA Sync, you can easily customize the motherboard’s addressable headers using RGB multiple colour light synchronization and the associated apparatus which supports Aura Sync.


✗Bandwidth between Storage is shared

✓Best Sound and Media controllers.

✓Supports Nvidia and AMD several GPUs.

✓Excellent over-clocking

4. Best Budget Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro

motherboard for i9 9900k

Aorus Guru motherboards are rather like Aorus Ultra; however, there’s some slight difference in cost and features. Here is the last Gigabyte Aorus motherboard in this listing, and if you’re searching for something more affordable but the same functionality and characteristics as of the motherboards mentioned previously, this one fits best for you.

This motherboard’s aesthetics come in the PCB, which can be coloured in black and contains a white signature on it and an orange RGB lighting. This motherboard has excellent features set and provides exceptional value for its cost.

It supports 128GB of memory in the clock rate of 4400 overclocked. There are numerous USB 3.1 interfaces, such as Type-A and Type-C and USB 2.0 interfaces for connectivity.

For storage devices, it’s six SATA6 slots and 2 M.two slots using heatsinks on them. There we’re listing several undesirable things regarding this particular motherboard, so take a look at them.

With VRM cooling system, you won’t have any trouble running your i9-9900K in a full 5GHz, with just 3.33 volts of electricity. The loading line calibration is somewhat twitchy, but that is not a massive criticism at this price point.

At the cover of the plank, you will discover three PCIe slots, all of which can be reinforced. If you would like to utilize the i9-9900K’s native audio, you are going to receive Gigabyte’s built-in AMP-UP sound technologies.

On the rear of the plank, you are going to receive loads of connection choices. There is just one HDMI port, along with five USB Type-A interfaces (three 3.0 and 2 3.1), plus a USB Type-C port.

This motherboard is more affordable than the motherboards mentioned previously but still pricey than a number of those Z390 motherboards. This motherboard is expensive but greater than ASUS $300 motherboards concerning features and price factors.

I would suggest this one if you do not wish to invest much onboard and searching for functionality and aesthetics. But if you would like something for enthusiast assembles there, we’ve listed Hours motherboards.

✓Affordable.✗Bios do not have any RGB configurations
✓Good aesthetics.
✓Construct for fans.

✓Great board layout.

5. Asus ROG Strix Z390 – Best Budget-friendly Motherboard for i9 9900k

best motherboard for 9900k

There we have yet another Maximus motherboard. Also, there’s some performance gap, and this one has distinct aesthetics from those mentioned above.

This motherboard is micro-ATX and may be inserted into almost any mid-tower chassis. It’s a 12 Stage power Layout VRM and supports the majority of those Intel Coffee Lake chips from the box also provides high rotational electricity.

To start with, there’s simply a PCIe x16 slot and a single PCIe x4 slot machine, and also this motherboard does not support multiple graphics cards at all. This motherboard contains four SATA6 spaces also includes two M.two modules support.

There’s something which you have to want to understand about this motherboard before contemplating it for you, i9 9900k. This motherboard does not support multiple graphics cards at all.

Additionally, there are just two RAM DIMMs, which aren’t sufficient for any enthusiast construct. There’s no heritage SATA m.2 service within this motherboard.

You are letting the CPU storage may fall the PCIe x16 into x8 mode. This motherboard is acceptable for almost any mid-tower construct, but if you’re searching for something sturdy, I wouldn’t suggest it.

There are lots of options on this listing, and you’ll be able to go with anybody if you would like to have the very best cost for features and functionality. If you’re interested in something smaller, we’ve got another choice given below.

✓Asus ROG Strix Z390✗No Legacy SATA M.2.

✓Finest for micro-ATX assembles.

✗Only two memory card slots.

✓Supports both air and water cooling and contains a Dual M.Two heat sink
✗Only two memory card slots.

✓Supports wireless speeds of up to 1.73 Gb/s

What to Look for Before Buying a Motherboard for i9 9900K?

What to Look for Before Purchasing a Motherboard for i9 9900K?

Thus, you’re probably still considering which motherboard to pick. We do not blame you — you don’t know a lot about them. Well, here we are going to help you with that.

Next, you’ll find all the fundamental aspects to think about before making your final choice. Take a look:

There are only two chipsets available in many motherboards now that operate with this chip — the Z390 and the Z370. Sure, the Z390 has become the most reliable and powerful one quickly. That’s why the best z390 motherboard for i9 9900k you can get will produce the PC perform far better.

Don’t neglect the socket, however. It would help if you had an LGA1151 on the MOBO to install the i9 9900K correctly. Yet, you’re pretty likely not to find any similar motherboard using a different socket nowadays. Still, be extra cautious.

Overclocking Ability

The overclocking capability will come from many distinct variables you will need to think about. To begin with, it is going to be the VRM of this motherboard. This describes how it transforms standard voltage into a thing the CPU and the GPU could manage. We urge calibre VRM systems with 12+2 Phases for additional results.

Following that, you are going to need to contemplate the ideal quantity and quality of heatsinks. Extra sinks to maintain your RAM, CPU, M.two SSDs, and also the VRMs or capacitors chilly will be critical. They’ll stop every overclock from over-heating and draining off the machine.

Other overclocking features like easy-to-use BIOS systems, automated enthusiast functions, and fostering applications that include the MOBO are worth considering. The more straightforward, more comfortable, and more functional the overclocking using the MOBO is — the better your experience will probably be using an i9 9900K.


For the best experience, never forget to go to get a motherboard with steady Ethernet and quick WiFi adapters. At precisely the same time, contemplate Bluetooth as extra capability. If it’s possible to connect the internet via NFC or some other wireless links besides WiFi, then that is a superb addition to consider.

Audio and RGB

Following that, you will locate the sound. Nothing compares to some well-sounding PC that does not require a sound card. It’s possible to enjoy high-quality sound straight from the motherboard — allowing you to join a 7.1 home theatre without sacrificing any little quality.

Another additional to think about is the RGB system. And you’re going to have an extremely exciting PC in the home.


Q. What Is the difference between a Standard and a Gambling Enthusiast?

Not really. The RGB lights are all mainly for aesthetics. Yet it’s safe to say they could allow better identification of those elements within the case. But that is only a side benefit.

Q. Is Your i9-9900K Worthwhile?

The i9-9900K continues to maintain its own after decades on the marketplace and gives AMD a run for its cash. You should look at getting it if overclocking, and cooling efficacy is a priority for you.

Q. Is your i9-9900K great for gaming?

Absolutely. That is an understatement: it is more than excellent.

Final Words

All of these motherboards are greatest for Intel Core i9 9900k, and I would advise that you receive anything based on your budget from that listing. If you’d like something cheap and attributes enriched, go together with Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Guru, while if you need something sturdy and costly, there’s MSI MEG GODLIKE Z390. Nonetheless, it is terrible to find a 600 -$700 motherboards with this chip, save money for other parts like graphics cards, or purchase two GPUs.

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