Internet Marketing Mastery: 3 Tips For Building A Blog That Drives Leads

Blogging can establish your authority online with rapid speed if you use the tool effectively. A blog can serve as one stop shopping for all of your web visitors. You can post videos, recorded webinars, reviews, articles and podcasts on your blog and publish these pieces of delectable content within moments of uploading. It is key to churn out fresh, usable content on a persistent basis in order to reach your target market with ease. Blogging helps you to stand out from the crowd of entrepreneurs who refuse to post to wordpress or blogger daily, and standing out and making a serious impact with blogging can help build your internet marketing campaign on a strong foundation.blogging

Take the Time to Decide Why You Want to Run a Blog

Finding out the purpose or mission statement for your blog helps you establish clarity around your blogging campaign and find laser targeted leads with greater ease. If you are serious about blogging for business you need to know exactly who you want to connect with while you write each blog post. Unless you are blogging for a hobby you cannot begin your campaign with an iffy idea of why you are blogging. Who do you want to reach with your posts and why are you devoting time and energy to running your blog?
If you want to grow an online business make this reason crystal clear in your mind so that you have a guide when you set about designing and creating content for your blog. Your reason why also drives you when times get tough, as they will when you are new to blogging. Go within to find this inspiring force and you will never quit as you begin and persist in growing your blog.

Include White Space Around Your Content to Sell More Effectively

Many desperate bloggers go about monetizing their blog all wrong: they plaster ad after ad all over their blog, trying so hard to make money online with their home business ventures. Of course this desperation manifests as overloading your blog, making the appearance to sales-ey, which of course scares off people quickly. Post plenty of white space around your blog posts and videos to move reader’s attention to the most important selling tool on your blog: your content. The know how and wisdom which you share is what makes or breaks your blog, and if you can help individuals on a persistent basis through posting your content you will definitely be able to grow your list and increase your sales online.

Post Your Opt In Form in Prominent Places to Grow Your List

Growing your online list is an absolute must if you plan to use blogging to bolster your internet marketing campaign. To do this you need to capture your blog reader’s information via a capture form or squeeze page. Make your opt in form easy to see on your blog. Maybe you can use a pop up form, or perhaps you can include a form in your sidebar to grow your list.
Being subtle is the opt in form kiss of death so make sure to be eye-catching and blatant when it comes to posting your form on your blog. If you post a text or picture banner which leads to your squeeze page, or capture page, make the form as attention-grabbing as possible to boost click throughs and grow your list. By being “in your face” about posting your opt in form or banner ad you can more easily grow your list and prosper with your opportunity.

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