Intel Ahead of Schedule (Again) for 32nm Clarkdale CPUs

Intel appears to have hit a groove with its 32nm Clarkdale processors. Earlier this month, motherboard makers with the inside scoop reported that Intel had decided to axe its 45nm Havendale chips in favor of pushing 32nm Clarkdale chips in the first quarter of 2010. Those same sources are now saying Intel will begin mass-producing its 32nm chips in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Getting off to a big start, the company’s 32nm Clarkdale processors are expected to account for 10 percent of Intel’s total OEM desktop CPU shipments in Q4. By 2010, Intel expects that number to double to 20 percent.
Meanwhile, AMD is still looking to ramp up production in the middle of 2010 with mass production not expected until Q4 of next year, potentially putting Intel a year ahead of the No.2 chip maker.

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