How to use free Google Webmaster tool for your Blog

Google webmaster tool (GWT) is a free tool by google to keep a check on your blog performance in the backend. This is the best tool to use if you really want to increase your blog ranking in search engines. All the blogger and WordPress bloggers with a custom domain can use this tool. There are many features in this tool which can help you to beat your competitor in the search engine ranking. Once, you add your blog domain and verify it, your blog will be added to google webmaster tool. Now, you can analyze the performance of your blog in the google search engine. Let us check step by step how the GWT will help you increase your blog ranking in the google. 

Add and Verify your blogger and WordPress blog

In only two steps you can add your blog or domain in the Google webmaster too. Just follow the below steps.

First login to Google webmaster tool using your Gmail account. Now, click Add a property to add your website or domain as shown below.

In the next step, you have to Verify for the ownership of the blog. Now, use any of the below method to verify your blog and add it in the google webmaster tool.

Dashboard of Google webmaster tool

The dashboard itself will give lot of information about your blog performance in google search engine. As you can see below, you can see the Crawl errors, Search Analytics and the Sitemaps information is shared in the dashboard section. These three section plays a key role in increasing your blog ranking and performance in the search engines.

Crawl Errors in detail

Crawl errors should be always avoided because the google spiders cannot crawl your blog smoothly if you have dead or broken links. Crawl errors decreases the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score of a blog. Hence, always check the google webmaster tool to see any dead or broken links affecting your blog indexing. The more the google spiders crawl your blog, the more your blog will be ranking better in the search engine.

Search Analytics in details

This section shows the keywords ranking for your blog. Keywords plays an important role in driving traffic to your blog. Yes, it is not easy to find keyword from keyword planner or from SEMrush. But, Google webmaster easily shows the keywords which are driving traffic toyour blog. This way you can easily target the keywords to generate more traffic to your blog. 

Sitemaps in detail

Sitemaps are necessary for proper in indexing and crawling of your blog. Creating and submitting a Sitemap in google webmaster tool is easy. Once you submit your sitemap, you can check the errors in your sitemap using google webmaster tool. This way you can remove errors in your sitemap and increase the SEO score of your blog.

Backlinks of your website

One of the best use of google webmaster tool is you can check the backlinks of your blog. Backlinks are very important for SEO and the blog ranking. The more backlinks(referral) to your blog the more your blog rank increases in search engine. Also remember high qualify backlinks and do follow links are very important to increase the SEO score of any blog.

Hope, now you will start using google webmaster tool and increasing your blog ranking and performance in google search engine.



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