How To Select Your Domain Name

The domain name for your website could help you rank higher in search engine traffic results. (SERP) Yet, you could decide making your site’s moniker simple, so people can remember it, if it’s more important to your intended audience.

Or, you could go ‘catchy’ like and use it as a portal to enslave the electronic universe.
Stick to your pc and we’ll examine when & why you might want to choose one of the above strategies for your particular web site calling card.
Using your domain name for higher SERP placement is SOP (standard operating procedure) within niche marketing circles. For example, a new niche I’ve started working on is in the digestive niche.
The digestive niche is competitive, so I chose to concentrate on the bloating & constipation segment.
Because I’m looking for all the organic search engine traffic possible, I included my main keywords within my site’s URL.
Admittedly, this is only step one in the total process of getting search traffic to the site. But, to travel a thousand miles begins with the first step, etc, etc and so on.
If your promotion plans include doing a lot of cross promoting on TV, radio, and print media, it’s crucial your site’s handle is memorable.
Naturally, you could use a doorway landing page as a filter, or a redirect to the actual selling presentation site.
(Hey, old-timers, remember how those slick marketer’s sold all the suckers ‘doorway page’ spinners? LOL.. Now they’ll selling ‘auto blogging’ junk. Ain’t history fun?)
Finally, the catchy approach. What else it there to say? IF you can give enough people what they want, when they want it, name your website any damn thing you want!
What’s in a domain name? I guess that depends on what you do with your website, doesn’t it?
That’s all for today,
“Mr Ed” “He who helps the most people Wins!”

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