Red Dead Redemption 2: How to Save Your Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Save:-  As we all know that this game has the main story which goes for around for about 60 hours for it to complete. So no one would really not want to lose any of it and start afresh.

So the good news is that the game has an autosave system which is activated by default. Note that you can save your game manually as well which is recommended for you to do it on a timely basis for a number of reasons. 

It is always advisable to make it a  habit of saving the game at the start of each chapter, and also if possible have a slot in which you save before starting a new story mission. The reason for the manual saving being the world of Red Dead Redemption 2  can be very unpredictable at times.

Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Save

You might encounter some bandits as you travel from one place to another, or you might even die and for some reason the autosave didn’t work and now you have got to start from scratch with a new one. Which is basically a nightmare.

So for the above-mentioned reasons manual saving of the game creates a nice safety net just in case anything goes wrong. You can also have a good mind space while playing and not worry about whether autosave is working or not as you have manually saved it. So let us have a look at how to save your game manually

  1. Press the menu button on Xbox One, or the Options buttons on PS4 to take you to the game’s pause menu. 
  2. From there, move down to Story and press A on Xbox One or X or PS4. 
  3. Then on the next screen that appears you can see that there is an option using which you can save your game, as well as load a previous save as well. Select that option and you are good to go.

Things you can do after Saving Game in Red Dead Redemption 2

So all players can benefit from a set of Red Dead Redemption 2 tips especially because Rockstar’s Wild West presents you with a massive open world to explore which has a lot of potentials and at times might just be lost wandering places and forget the sole purpose of playing the game.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a new arrival to the game via Xbox Game Pass or a seasoned Red Dead Redemption 2 player the tips or suggestions are always beneficial to grow and gain experience in the game. 

It at times might take a lot of time to see everything that the game is to offer and also if you keep focusing on progress through the main Red Dead Redemption story you are still going to spend a lot amount of time in reaching the epilogue. So considering that time commitment, getting yourself familiar with these useful Red Redemption 2 tips can help you any day.

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One can make Morgan’s loyal mount follow, stay or flee by simply holding down the left trigger while in close range of your horse. So you must know how the radar and the on-screen displays somehow occupy most part of the screen so if you want to you can turn off your radar and all other on-screen displays by holding down on the D-pad, then selecting “radar off”. In this HUD-free mode, and a quick tap of down on the D-pad will briefly bring your radar back in case you want to take a look at it. 

Conversely, you can also make the radar bigger by selecting ‘expand’, which can be useful for even better spotting of the enemy icons. For you to go to the halfway house approach, select the ‘compass’ option which will show you the general direction you should be aiming for while riding to an objective instead of simply following the precise fastest route that the normal radar provides.

The slow-mo shooting skills that Morgan possesses are handy when targeting smaller prey, like a squirrel or a fox. So the Deadeye will also highlight animal vitals which help in nailing a shot to the heart or neck which otherwise usually needs to be in an instant. It could be aclean kill if you are using the right calibre of ammo.

Set a waypoint and enter into cinematic mode to make your horse ride to your destination without any input required from your end.Also it is highly recommended you stay near your console and enjoy the cinematic mode because there is a possibility that the bounty hunters or the rival gangs could be met and they may start attacking Arthur so if you are nearby to the console you can immediately swift and boot out of the cinematic mode and try and defend yourself.

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