How to Make an Afk Channel in Discord [Best Guide]

How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord:-  If you are a server admin or owner, you can produce all sorts of channels inside the host. The channel type we will talk about now is the AFK channel. You may notice them on a lot of servers, particularly the more populated ones. You might have guessed what they were to but not inquired.

How to Make an Afk Channel in Discord

Your Discord server might become difficult and slow when there is a good deal of individuals on the host at precisely the same moment. It could make sense to kick out users briefly that are inactive, but there’s a better method, AFK channel.

You can move inactive users into the AKF station, where users only stay inside and can not chat or text. This tutorial will explain how you can make an AFK station in Discord and describe why you may want one in the first location

What Is AFK Channel In Discord?

If if you did not understand, the expression”AFK” stands for”Away From Keyboard” significance, the consumer has transferred out of their pc or is not actively using the Discord program on their own computers.

As a consequence of this, your station might seem active but in fact, the consumers are no longer busy, meaning, they’ve ceased using discord actively in their computers, they are just occupying space or athletics at the station.

Luckily, Discord includes a feature that lets you automatically transfer AFK users into an AFK channel. Now let us dive into the Way to Make AFK station In Discord.

Benefits Of Creating AFK Channel In Discord?

  • It is possible to filter active members around the servers quickly.
  • people that aren’t serious for example lurkers will automatically change to AFK station since they’re sometimes active and mostly center on Discord GIFs.
  • Discord server might slow down or become unresponsive if there are excessive members. As we know that there are lots of members that aren’t busy, moving them into AFK will lessen the members, not to mention the host functionality.

How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord

Method 1:- For Desktop User

To make an AFK channel, to begin with, you want to create a channel. Even though you can convert a present voice channel to an AFK station, it is far better to make another channel only for this use.  

  1. Open Discord, and Pick a server. You may just make an AFK channel in case you are the admin of this server.
  2. Another thing to remember is that you may convert voice channels in the AFK channel.
  3. For this reason, you have to begin by producing a voice channel. For that click on (+) at right next to the text “Voice Channels”.discord afk timer  
  4. On the next window select channel types as click on voice channel.discord auto afk
  5. Type a channel name as “AKF” and select the “create” option.  afk bot discord
  6. You’ve successfully made a channel; now, you have to convert that station in an AFK channel
  7. To perform this, click your server name and then click server settings.discord auto afk
  8. From the overview section, scroll down, and you’ll be able to locate at the AKF channel.afk bot discord
  9. Open the dropdown and then choose the channel you created. If the man or woman is inactive over the AFK timeout, they’ll be transferred to the station.  
  10. I typically favor 15 minutes, however, when more people play RPG games, you may set the timeout to get a bit longer. Click Save changesdiscord keeps moving me to afk
  11. You’ve produced a station and successfully converted it to an AFK station

how to make an afk room in discord

The voice channel you’ve created is now transformed into an AFK station. From the timeout option, you may pick any time limitation of your selection. The AFK timeout option only denotes how long a discord user needs to be inactive to be transferred into the AFK channel on your server.

After saving the modifications. Discord will automatically discover inactive users on your voice stations and move them into the AFK station, where users will not be able to talk or text provided that they are from the AFK channel.

They will need to manually depart the AFK station to have the ability to send text messages or voice conversations on the machine.

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Method 2:- For Moblie User

  1. Choose the server name and then tap on the 3 dots.
  2. Now open the server setting by clicking at the top.
  3. Select the create channel option.what does afk mean in discord
  4. Select voice or text as usual and title it AFK or something purposeful.discord disable auto afk
  5. Click on the create channel to make an afk room in discord
  6. Now select overview from settings and scroll down, and you’ll be able to locate at the AKF channel.
  7. Select Inactive Channel to select what station need to AFK.what does afk mean in discord
  8. I typically favor 15 minutes. However, when more people play RPG games, you may set the timeout to get a bit longer. Click Save changes. how to make afk discord channel
  9. You’ve produced a station and successfully converted it to an AFK station

How can Discord know you are AFK?

The code supporting the attribute hasn’t yet been made public, but we know the principal functions of this AFK bot. Just as we all know, when you produce an AFK station, the Discord AFK bot will even combine.

It’ll scan users in your server for activity and utilize internal timers to check if they’re current or not. When the timer expires, even if the bot does not detect action, it moves the consumer to the AFK channel.

It will sometimes move folks to the AFK station that are chatting. If it occurs, shut down Discord and start it and see if it stops. The bot might not be picking up your action and believe you are AFK.

Tell people you Are AFK at Discord

You could even notify your channel or server you are going AFK for a while, so people do not chat with you till you return. You may either manually transfer yourself into the AFK station or utilize the AFK bot. This bot will automatically respond to mentions or DMs you are off and save the messages so that you may assess them all when you return. It will not prevent you from being moved into the AFK station but does keep all organized so that you can easily catch up on your return!

Final Words:-

AFK channel isn’t merely helpful to move individuals, but individuals may also proceed manually to the AFK channel, so they don’t get distracted through notifications. You do not have to put in the AFK bot from Discord, such as previously; Discord comes with an inbuilt alternative that makes things much more straightforward. If you have any queries related to How to Make an AFK Channel in Discord the feel free to reach us.

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