How to Find Your Discord User ID [Best Guide]

How to Find Your Discord User ID:-   Together with messages, DMs, servers, and channels have unique IDs to assist the system work and assist audit logs in implying anything in any way. You can go years without knowing any of them, but if you need to locate your Discord User ID, this tutorial demonstrates how to Find Your Discord User ID.

How to Find Your Discord User ID

Though I’ve managed servers and been an admin on the others, I have not understood that my Discord User ID. I may be among the lucky ones; however, I needed to learn how to locate the Discord User ID before I could compose this tutorial correctly. As I tend to use the background program, this tutorial uses that. If you use cellular, similar purposes will probably be in similar areas.

How to Find Your Discord User ID

The Discord User ID is a numerical series that’s unique to each user. It’s used from the system’s backend to process your voice and chat and to make logs of all you do. In case you’ve ever seen audit logs or needed to describe something about a specific chat, it’s going to have been identified with these IDs.To have the ability to spot your Discord User ID you want to possess Developer Mode enabled in your program.

  1. Firstly open discord and head over to settings.
  2. Now click on appearance under settings from the menu.
  3. In appearance, scroll down and find developer mode, just toggle it on.
  4.  Now head over to any server and right-click on your username and select copy id.
  5. Now paste your code as you want.

How to Identify someone else’s Discord User ID

As well as discover your Discord User ID, you might even recognize the ID of different users. It’s precisely the same procedure as above.

  1. Right-click their username, only this moment, you can do it in the channel listing on the right.
  2. Select Duplicate ID and paste it somewhere to see it from the clear.
  3. It should be an identical 18 digit number to your ID.

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How To Identify  Message ID

If you report a remark or talk to an admin, mod, or maybe to Discord themselves, you will probably be requested for the message ID. Every single message in Discord creates a unique identifier that helps host owners and Discord themselves locate conversations. It’s employed in complaints and might be useful to understand.

If You Have to record a message ID in the Middle chat window, click on the line in conversation, choose Copy ID or left click, pick the three dots on the correct, and choose Copy ID. Both of these will replicate the exceptional message ID of the line of discussion. Should you check several lines, then you will observe each has a unique identifier. Document any or all of them in case you have to examine something. The server admin or owner can assess the audit logs, and Discord can assess their logs considerably quicker using the message ID.

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