Highly E2 TECH. Highly ICT, the road of the future!

In 2009, we saw the birth of a new baby. Again this year, despite the difficulties, despite the obstacles we are present to attend and praise his first steps. E2tech in less than 2 years has come a long way. The AHTIC has built an image, positioned itself as a strong and essential link in a sector more than ever bearer. A sector also in the obligation to be strengthened, regulated and supervised.
ICTs are nowadays essential. Their mastery is essential to the extent that we must integrate and adapt as quickly as possible to the global world to which we all belong. Conscious of all this, AHTIC is committed to spreading them and integrating them into institutions to make them innovative and competitive. Similarly, AHTIC has set itself the task of integrating ICTs into all Haitian homes without distinction.

We all know that the appropriate use of ICTs will help us move faster, and further in our drive to revitalize our institutions. It is clear today that sustainable development, particularly in terms of wealth creation, requires the establishment of basic infrastructure such as Broadband, electricity … and consequently to promote access to technological services to the greatest extent possible. number.
It should also be remembered that viewed from this angle, the energy and the environment sectors are two indispensable and inseparable allies. In fact, they walk together. ICTs contribute to wider dissemination of awareness messages. They help to improve knowledge about fragile ecosystems, biodiversity management, and to understand energy opportunities.
These are the reasons why E2TECH is considered as the technology, energy and environment fair.
E2TECH wants to be an information space, and training. Several conferences and seminars, some more interesting than others are planned. We still remember one of Mr. Prépetit’s presentations, where he made us aware of the need to adopt a greener attitude and behavior in the face of our environment, more than ever weakened, vulnerable and degraded. To the most skeptical and reluctant, the earthquake of January 12, 2010 has confirmed and exposed all the flaws in our society.
E2TECH is also an exhibition and promotion area, where the Haitian public can get to know the latest technologies, and those projected in the future. And rightly, more than thousands of visitors are expected this year at the fair, which will undoubtedly be more innovative.
Tonight, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight two fundamental points in the development of the ICT sector, which currently represents more than 20% of the state’s tax revenue.-Two points that are still debated, sometimes heated, in the various discussions concerning the advancement of the sector.
It is therefore a question of making a regulatory body more powerful and stronger, capable of reforming the sector and displaying undeniable leadership supported by laws that are in line with the current reality of the ICT world.
Yes, it becomes urgent and mandatory to adopt a regulatory legal framework. This is the only way to have a system offering the same opportunities to all players in the sector. We all know that competition makes us better. This regulatory legal framework must be formally guaranteed, so as to give confidence to the various actors in the sector.
We still have a lot to do. Today it is important for the state to make a clear commitment to promoting ICT in the country. We must contribute to creating a fertile ground for the establishment and emancipation of new businesses in the different regions of the country.
Yes ICTs are a necessary step in the development of Haiti. And for that, we need to accommodate international standards and establish standards.
The possibilities are numerous. The needs to be covered are too. To face it, we must unite to work together. ICTs now occupy a central place in our lives. It is already more than 3 million Haitians who use the cellphone daily. Soon, this will be the case for financial transactions from mobile phones. So we can see the technological revolution on the horizon. Even so, facilitating access to electricity and bandwidth across the country is not yet won. Indeed, riding on the information highway remains a challenge.
All our remrciements to all those who made possible this major event in the history of the association, especially to our official sponsor: the company Voila. Thank you.
Thanks also to all our partners. That this fair is distinguished by its originality, and by its creativity. Highly E2TECH. Highly ICT, the road of the future!

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