Discord Won’t Open? Fix Discord Not Opening With 12 Easy Solutions

Discord Won’t Open:-This article mainly discusses potential fixes for Discord, not starting a problem on Windows 10. Discord is a free text and voice chat tool for players. It may operate on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and internet browsers. It enables video, text, sound communication between players.

Discord Won’t Open

Lots of people prefer to play games with friends and talk with Discord. But sometimes once you click on the Discord program, it will not start. It is possible to attempt to restart your Windows 10 pc and start the program again, or fully reinstall the program to find out whether it can easily open. Otherwise, there might be other offenders.

We do not know for sure the specific causes of Discord, not starting a problem, but we have some suggestions to fix Discord will not start error on Windows 10.  The fantastic news is, if a discord app is not starting at all or it’s only displaying the screen, you’ll find alternatives for this Discord Won’t Open. There Are Many Distinct solutions, so keep looking for the methods before the Issue Is solved.

What’s Discord?

This VOIP gaming system gives the text, sound in addition to video communication involving the players. The program is very similar to Slack or even Microsoft groups and enables creating servers with amounts of networks for sharing different subjects. And despite gaming, it also enables you to associate with all the family members and friends, online dance courses, research groups, novels club, plus a whole lot more.

The highly innovative staff handles Discord by still time-to-time different issues are encountered and documented from the consumers. And lately, one such difficulty that’s haunting its programmer is while launch Discord will not open. This is an annoying problem, and consumers do this due to several unique explanations.

Why My Discord Not Opening?

Check the root of this Discord, not opening, and different possible solutions that functioned for many consumers. Well, there’s absolutely no specific reason accountable for your Discord, not starting difficulty, as it might be not linked to the app itself. 

  • When the former session isn’t closed correctly Because of this AppData and LocalAppData contents, check 
  • If you’re using Proxy, then this may be the one causing the Issue as a result of the obsolete discord program. 
  • When the time and date aren’t set correctly in your own system
  • The corrupt Windows system files may also infiltrate together with the consumer system.  

12 Best Method To Fix Discord Won’t Open

Method 1: Using Kill the Discord task

These are a few of the probable reasons accountable for Discord launch the program fails to start on Windows. Now, find out how to mend Discord will not open in Windows mistake, follow the answers provided so.

  1. Press Windows +R
  2. Type cmd and click OK.  
  3. From the cmd window that appears type taskkill /F /IM discord.exe. 
  4.  After that procedure finishes, relaunch Discord.  

Now everything should work fine. Moreover, you can certainly do precisely the same thing with Task Manager: press Ctrl + Alt + Del > choose Task Manager > in Task Manager locate Discord > click it click end Task > relaunch Discord.

Method 2:- Clear AppData and LocalAppData

  1. Press Windows + R, kind %appdata% from Run box, and hit on enter. 
  2.  Locate the Discord folder and then right-click it to delete it. By doing this, you can delete AppData.  
  3. Now pre Windows + R, type %localappdata%, find Discord folder to delete it. By doing this, you can delete LocalAppData.
  4. Relaunch Discord to see whether it can start.  

Hint: When this does not address the Discord will not open problem, you could even uninstall Discord and additional transparent AppData and LocalAppData by following the manual over, then reinstall Discord. To uninstall Discord, it is possible to press on Windows + R, kind appwiz.cpl, and press Input to start Programs and Features. Locate Discord in the listing and click on it, select Uninstall to eliminate it.

Method 3:- Disable Proxies

Discord does not like VPNs, and so on. Therefore, disabling any proxies on your link to an ISP is a surefire method to clean out the ducts for Discord to start correctly. Here is how you go about doing this:

  1. Right-click on the Windows start menu and then click search.
  2. From the search area, type”Control Panel” and then choose the alternative with the Exact Same name in the search results.
  3. Pick”Network and Internet” in the Control Panel.
  4. Click “Internet Options.”
  5. From the”Internet Properties” window which appears, click the”Connections” tab one of the choices running vertically across the top of the display.
  6. Below the”Local Area Network (LAN) Settings” section, click “LAN Settings.”
  7. After the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings seems, locate the”Proxy server” segment and make sure that the”Use a proxy server for your LAN” option is unticked.
  8. Click”Ok” under, then once again from the”Internet Properties” window.
  9. Launch Discord.

Method 4:- Close All Discord Services & Relaunch

Sometimes, a preceding Discord session might not have closed down properly, leaving it less available in the background, causing difficulties when you attempt to relaunch the program. To cure this, shut any lingering solutions connected to Discord. Also, we suggest doing so before trying some of the additional fixes below.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard.
  2. Select”Task Manager” in the blue screen-backed choices which appear.
  3. From the Task Manager window, click and find Discord one of the recorded services under”Apps.”
  4. Click the”End Task” button looking at the underside right-hand corner of this Task Manager window.
  5. Wait for the services to complete then reopen Discord in the desktop or the Windows Start menu, based on how you have it setup. Before starting Discord, we’d even suggest restarting the PC and Windows for good measure.

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Method 5:- Update Discord

As stated previously, if the Discord you’re running is out-of-date, this may be a reason for this issue. Installing the most recent upgrades is nice and enables you to stop inevitable mistakes. Developers usually announce upgrades to bring a few additional attributes and eliminate mistakes.

An older version might not include some files, and as a result, you may face a mistake”Discord will not open.”
So here you have to upgrade the most recent edition of Discord. And to do this, pay a visit to the official Discord site and get the latest upgrade available.

Method 6:- Remove Malware

The issue with Discord, not opening, may not be connected to the program itself, corrupt files, or even a Windows setting, but rather to malicious applications that have found its way on the PC. Forming a part of any standard PC maintenance regimen, conducting an anti program, for example, Malwarebytes is known to resolve the Discord, not starting difficulty.

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes here. 
  2.  Run the app to monitor any unsuspected trojans or other malware threats and eliminate them as educated.  
  3. Open your antivirus software and perform a scan. Follow directions to eliminate any suspected dangers.  
  4. Launch Discord.  

Method 7 :- By Use Of  Discord web version

If you’re nevertheless unable to start the Discord program, then that may be brought about by the sessions and cookies. So, in this case, attempt the signal in from the internet version.

Many users reported that they would not need to log into the Discord internet browser, and the matter is solved as the receptive the internet version.

  1. Initially, you have to see the official site directly from the internet browser.
  2. You will discover the login button; just click on it to offer your login information and move farther.
  3. Assess the login information and be sure they’re suitably given and then click enter.
  4. As soon as you supply your login information, you’re completed, and the problem will automatically repair it.

Method 8:- Repair Corrupted Files Using SFC

A different way to eliminate discord will not open to looking at your files. Occasionally if the system has neglected to store your documents, it will probably show you mistakes. Because of these problems, you can also face discord mistakes. I advise you to check your system files, and should a number of them are corrupted, repair then attempt the program. To fast mend System document, follow the under the easy step.

  1.  Run your Control Prompt as an Administrator. Maintain Penitent. 
  2. Now type sfc /scannow.
  3. Wait till the process done.

One more thing you want to notice that the SCF tool does not address the issue always. You should adhere to this tutorial From Microsoft to fix system files.

Method 9:- Flushing DNS 

You might even do away with this issue by Flushing from the DNS. Flushing DNS eliminated your cached DNS records and informed the computer to locate new DNS. This is effective Once the Site or Application server IP Address changed.

It is not rocket science, and I shall direct you step by step how to flush your DNS. So that you do not need to be concerned about something, just follow steps.

  1. Search CMD, when you locate it up and Right-click on “Control Prompt” and choose Run as administrator.
  2. Paste the command “ipconfig/flushdns. “
  3. Hit enter, you see the “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache” message.

Then Attempt to conduct the Discord program. Otherwise, get the job done for you, moved into the upcoming steps, and attempt it.

Method 10:- Checking  Correct Date & Time

After studying the heading, you may be thinking Date & Time not associated with Discord will not open issues. Nonetheless, many programs that are connected web those depend indeed depends upon right Date & Time.

Additionally, many users inform that following installation right (automatic) date /time simplifies the matter. If you set up to time mechanically to proceed to another step, you should follow the steps mentioned above. Concurrently

  1. Press Windows Key + I concurrently, to start your windows settings.
  2. Go to  Time & Language.
  3. IN  Time & Language, go within it. Under that locate”Establish Time Automatically” and flip it on, additionally tun on Establish time zone mechanically for superior affirmation.
  4. Restart your PC and Open Discord. See if it is not. If not, adhere to the following trick.

Method 11:- Uninstall & Reinstall Discord

I believe that you’re reading this method since everyone the methods didn’t work you. Here you can just uninstall Discord and properly install Discord. This may delete discord files in your system and put a brand new, upgraded version.  

  1. Open Run window.
  2.  From the RUN window kind appwiz.cpl and hit enter.   
  3. So you discover “Discord” and choose it and Harness on the”Uninstall” button on the very top. Uninstall Discord
  4. After successfully uninstalled, You Have to delete AppData of Discord, as i mentioned earlier. Otherwise, discord files will be kept in your PC, and you’ll become again Discord will not open error.  
  5. All are doing these things restart your PC. Download Discord form official Site and set up Again. Observing each of these items, you won’t get more issues with Discord won’t start.


Q. Why is not Discord working on my PC?

A. It might be due to corrupt system files, Internet connection difficulties, incorrect proxy settings, or firewall configurations. This manual will explain to you just how you can diagnose and fix Discord.

Q.Is Discord down?

A. Discord Infection may sometimes happen. Proceed into Discord’s official standing page to find out whether the service is down. When it’s up, then your customer may have difficulty.

Q.Is Discord Is safe?

A. Yes, Discord is secure. Discord permits you to control every facet like who message you personally, picture security, and the content security on your server with bots.

Final Words

I expect you’ve understood and read the entire article of Discord Won’t Open. The discord program will not start a somewhat annoying mistake. By following the steps mentioned above, I expect all your issues are going to be solved. Be sure you employ various methods because occasionally, the issue is caused by over one thing.

Implementing different solutions can lead to achievement and assist in terminating the issue in the heart. Also, understanding the issue in the center before attempting to resolve it makes it simpler. If your issue is still not solved, please comment below, and we’ll try our very best to give you a hand. Additionally, if you’ve enjoyed the article, please discuss it with your family and friends. It helps them eliminate this kind of annoying situation. 

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