10 Content Writing Tips/Tricks for Small Businesses

Web content is the heart and soul of the internet. Every business should take time to write web content for their business. There are a few ways that a small business can help spread the word of their product or services through well-written prose. Keep the following tips in mind when creating new pieces for the World Wide Web.content

Use Grammar and Spellchecking tools

Even the most grammatically correct person on the planet makes mistakes. With writing Web content, use tools to help keep your posts error free. These tools can be a coworker, a word processor grammar and spell-check tool, and various tools on the internet like After the Deadline.

Content doesn’t need filler

Make each post as informative as possible without using filler. These concepts and language aren’t relevant to the topic at hand. Filler is just there to take up space. Focus on what you are trying to say instead of heading off on a tangent about unrelated subjects. Also, keep your prose edited and tight.

Personalize the content

Be yourself when writing web content for your business. Readers like to come to a post and know a robot doesn’t write it. It helps make a person feel comfortable. Keep that human connection with your readers and customers. This will help bring views to your web content.

However, don’t get too personal

At the same time, a customer doesn’t want to hear the sordid details of your dating life. Keep the content focused on the business and not the personal life. Don’t be afraid to mention personal opinions and tastes, but keep in mind this web content isn’t a personal blog.

Use Private Label Content as a resource

This content is written by someone else but licensed out to your business. These articles can be used to help keep your content fresh. Depending on the writes, you can rewrite it to suit your style and tastes. It will take less time to rewrite a private label piece than to write the whole thing from scratch.

Keep your goal in mind

What is the reason you are writing this web content? Create a goal and keep that goal in mind. This will keep your content focused and free of filler.

Keep your customers in mind

Who is going to read your content? Readers will respond best when your content doesn’t speak down to their demographic. Keep in mind who buys your products and services. Write the content that best fits that market.

Become familiar with SEO and Search Engines

The main reason to write web content is to draw people to a website. Search Engine Optimization will help take your content to the top of Search engine stacks. Research this technique and how it is used on the various search engines.

Don’t fall in to pure marketing speak

Don’t let pure marketing forces drive your content. Readers want to see the human behind the web content, not just a wall of text pushing your product or service towards them. Marketing is fine but over marketing can drive people away.

Have fun!

This is an important but often overlooked key to good web content. Have fun with the posts. Don’t be a gloomy Gus when writing web content. Customers like to read a real human being that enjoys her job.

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