What is Website Traffic How to analytics

Website Traffic: When Do You Think About It? Website traffic is something everyone asks about! The truth is website traffic comes last. You should not think about traffic until you have an offer in place. People get online when looking for information. Yet, many people have problems with website traffic. They don’t know how to […]

What is Influence Marketing?

Is Influence Marketing Manipulation? The side of influence marketing no one wants to discuss. Persuasion and manipulation use the same skill set. There is little difference between the two. While both social leaders and followers are influencers, corruption of influence exposes both to manipulation. Third party sales was going to be the subject of this […]

Using Evernote to Maximize Your Executive Assistant!

I am a big Evernote fan and definitely a power-user of the tool.  Recently I wanted to enhance the way my executive assistant and I work together and decided that Evernote was the platform for the job. I created an Evernote Notebook called “Virtual Assistant” and created 10 folders.  Each folder has a specific purpose: […]

What is Keyword Research?

The basic goals of keyword research are pretty simple, to find the words and phrases people use when searching on engines like Google or Bing for your content, product or service. While most available keyword data keyword data is for Google and Bing, research can apply to any search engine including video search like YouTube, […]