How can i Email Marketing

Email marketing is a popular online marketing strategy for businesses. It is an easy way to market to your customers. There are many benefits to using email marketing. 1.It is 40% more effective for gaining new customers than social media. 2.It lets you market to a target audience. 3.It saves time and money. 4.It allows […]

What is strategic marketing

Strategic Marketing! What is your Marketing Plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Are you thinking about creating one? The following videos will help you. They teach us what we need to know about creating a marketing plan. First are some questions that need answering before we start. Use the four p’s of marketing to […]

Online Business Plan

IM Business Idea Inside Step One of: “The Simple Online Internet Marketing Business System Plan That Works And You Can Follow It And Make Money In Any Market!” Or, the steps I used to make my first sale online within 4 days of using it. Step 1. Pick a group of buyers who are interested […]

A Brief History of SEO & Search Engines

We need to have a conversation about Search Engine Optimization. Specifically, where it’s been, where it is today and where it’s going next. The old rules don’t apply; yet, some of today’s best practices still cling to outdated notions, past their sell-by date and on life support. SEO history Search engine optimization, or just SEO, […]