Application Hosting

Professional Management of Web Applications and Services Partner of Choice

CWI Hosting has proven expertise in multiple operating systems and database infrastructures. We support custom-built applications for clients, who in turn, deliver services to some of the most significant software, banking, insurance, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical companies in the world. For many Application Developers, we are the Partner of Choice.

Dedicated Management Team

Managing critical business applications starts with careful planning.
Each client works with a dedicated team consisting of an account manager, project managers, security officers, and multiple systems and database administrators. Our goal is to understand your applications as well as you do. We will not only work with you on the implementation of your solution, but we’ll suggest ways to optimize its performance and ensure its security. Throughout the entire process, you’ll have direct access to a team with a deep understanding of your application and your business priorities.

Key Benefits to CWI’s Application Hosting

Eliminate the cost of acquiring and upgrading hardware. CWI Hosting provides the hardware for your solution according to agreed-upon terms. We feature proven solutions based hardware from HP and SUN and we can provide hardware from other providers such as DELL and IBM upon request.

Eliminate the cost of acquiring and upgrading software. CWI Hosting provides software from Microsoft, Red Hat, and many other vendors. We pass along the pricing advantage of our volume discount pricing to you.
Leverage our Expertise. Hiring, training, and retaining expert staff can be a daunting and expensive task. Security demands alone put a huge burden on any business’s internal IT staff. CWI Hosting’s experienced professionals are working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the highest performance and uptime for your applications.
Leverage our Infrastructure. We have invested—and continue to invest—millions of dollars into our rock-solid, lightning-fast network and fully redundant data center infrastructure.

Take advantage of a fully managed network that is optimized for speed, built on redundancy, and fully managed 24/7/365. AT&T having issues? Our network team will route around the problem, re-routing the traffic to whichever one of our seven other Tier 1 provider provides the fastest route to your content. Rely on a fully redundant N+1 data center infrastructure. Temporary power failures or extended blackouts will no longer be a concern for you or your systems.
Protect your information assets in our high security facilities.

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