How to get a lot of followers from YouTube ?! is one of the most visited sites in the world that generates just crazy traffic (more than 600 million visitors per month!)

It would be foolish not to use YouTube for personal gain, right? 🙂
According to the rules of this service, it is impossible to embed an active link inside your video. But this can be done in the description of the video! Personally, thanks to this chip I attracted 8200+ subscribers.
So how do you attract followers from YouTube?
There are several ways to do this, but I will share the most effective.

How to get followers from youtube

Step number 1 –    Generate traffic.

At the first stage, our task is to record video clips on very “hot topics”. What causes a violent reaction (interest) in people and what they want to watch.
It is clear that making a video in the style of “Lady Gaga turns out to be a man!” Is stupid, and such traffic will no longer subscribe to the newsletter. Need a themed traffic! In our project “I am Guitarist” we make video footage of popular songs. It is interesting and therefore people watch such videos.
In your case, you need to come up with what has the LARGEST INTEREST from the audience. And give them this information in video format.

Step number 2 – Turn visitors into subscribers.

In order for a person from YouTube to become your subscribers you need to focus his attention on the description (which is located under the video). The first option is to create a description in CAPITAL LETTERS. For example, such a description works well:
ATTENTION! Get the best exercises to improve your vision HERE –
The second option is to create an annotation (pop-up window) inside the video. In the annotation, you can insert a link to another video or to your channel. But you can also insert plain text there. This we will do. Create 3-4 annotations and divide them at regular intervals.
Inside the annotation write something like “Attention! Read the description, there you will find a surprise  ”or“ The description contains IMPORTANT INFORMATION! ”
As a result, a regular YouTube visitor will at least once lower his eyes to the description, which will call to subscribe to your subscription page. That’s how new subscribers appear.

Step number 3 – Increase the momentum.

To attract many subscribers you need to generate a lot of views. And for this we need a large number of videos. I immediately say that it takes time to create a high-quality video (personally, I have about 1-2 hours). Therefore, to create 100 videos, you need 100-200 hours of working time.
Of course, you can not record your videos, but take someone else’s, but YouTube may punish you for this (if the author of the video makes a complaint to your channel).
100 high-quality videos that you create in a week or a month will be able to provide you with at least 50 new subscribers per day! Imagine? And it is absolutely free!
But the main feature of attracting subscribers from YouTube is the stability of the results. If you have recorded 100 videos, this does not mean that today you will have 50 new subscribers, and tomorrow 2. No.
This means that you will have 50 today, tomorrow 45, the day after tomorrow 70, etc.
The work you have done 1 time will bring you the result CONSTANTLY!
For motivation, take a look at the statistics of my channel:

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