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Website Traffic: When Do You Think About It?

Website traffic is something everyone asks about! The truth is website traffic comes last. You should not think about traffic until you have an offer in place.
People get online when looking for information. Yet, many people have problems with website traffic. They don’t know how to get traffic. They don’t know how to make money from traffic.

One young woman I was talking with said I know how to add content, and create my sales pages. She said she just wanted to get traffic. I asked two questions
.What is your offer?
.What does your funnel look like?
She didn’t have an answer. She wasn’t as ready for traffic as she thought.
You have to put targeted information in front of people. You need to have a system in place so you have something to drive the traffic to. So what do you need to have in place?
2.Automated Website
3.Sales Material
Once you have this automated system set up you can focus on your website traffic.

2 Types of Website Traffic

There are two types of website traffic. Free traffic and paid traffic.

Free Traffic

Your website is the face of your business. It is the center of your niche.
Free website traffic allows you to build a presence in your niche. It comes from Google, Bing, other search engines and social sites.
It is Built on Trust
Trust is built on first impressions. How do you make a good first impression with your website? We use our information to build trust with our users.
Free traffic builds relationships with customers. Letting you position yourself as someone who is a giver not a taker.
Positioning yourself comes from your activity online and giving value. Adding value to people can be done through article marketing, blogging, and forum marketing.
Free information is just one way to bring traffic to your site. Search engines pick up signals from social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and other social sites are another way to get free website traffic. They allow you to network with others in your niche.
Watch leaders in your market to see what they are doing. Are they adding value or being spammers? Model what you do on the ones doing it the correct way.

Paid traffic.

You don’t want to be dependent solely on search engines for all your traffic.
Free traffic methods like blogging takes a while. Buying traffic is one of the quickest list building methods. The trick to buying traffic is to pay less for advertising than the customer is worth. It’s easier said than done, and that is why we test everything.
Buying traffic can literally start sending you traffic almost instantly. Some methods of buying traffic are with solo ads, and Facebook ads.
We use paid traffic as leverage. Think of it as a sub-niche under paid traffic called leveraged traffic.

Leverage Traffic

Leveraged traffic is using affiliates to drive traffic so you can build your list, and own the traffic. Affiliate traffic will help you build your list quickly.
We want to build long-term relationships with affiliates because we always want to refresh our lists, but they want to know about EPC’s and conversions. You can help your EPC’s by offering your affiliates higher commissions and if your sales page converts well they will be happy. If you are not converting well you may need to rewrite your sales page so you can get better conversions.
Do you have an offer for your customers? Do you have your automated website? Have you created your sales material? Then you are ready to talk about traffic.If you would like to learn more about getting traffic to your offer grab this free copy of Building Bridges to Automatic Money online Building Lists.

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