What is Social Media Marketing how many sources are in social marketing

Social Media Marketing: Bridging Consumers and Business

Social media is about making contacts. Its numbers help you track of your communications. These numbers will not tell you how successful your marketing is.
A marketing strategy comes from business planning. It takes into account customer demographics. It really is all about knowing your perfect prospect. What they like, what they dislike, and how you can help them.
The goal of sharing your content on social media is not to tell prospects about your product or service. What? You should ask the right questions to find out what your customers want from your product.
Social Media Marketing Building Bridges

Why You Should Use Social Media!

As a business with a product or service, you want to build your brand name. This is why you want to use social media.
Social media lets you share your content inside of communities. This helps to make people aware of your business. Your posts lets you engage in conversations. Helping you build relationships. It also can help you provide great customer service.
Benefits without risks! The number one reason for businesses to use social media is it helps SEO.

Social Media Messages

An effective message will get you noticed. If your story is compelling it will be successful. To craft your message answer the questions your audience wants to know.
Why you are qualified to do what you are doing.
Why you are doing it.
Why it will help them.
Why it will work.
People love to see statistics, success stories, and engaging calls to action. You should use them in your content. Share content in line with what your audience is looking for.

Disclose Relationships

Businesses are using social network marketing to inform consumers about their brands. Not all play by the rules, some use deceptive practices.
Machinima is a video entertainment multi-channel network. They settled with the FTC over deceptive advertising. This company paid influencers to post YouTube videos endorsing Microsoft’s Xbox One. The influencers did not disclose the information.
In my article on Influence Marketing I use drug commercials as an example. Showing that without disclosing side effects influence becomes manipulation. Some companies will use these tactics against consumers.
The FTC’s disclosure guidelines require disclosure of relationships for endorsements.

Social Media Statistics

Many marketers are not seeing notable profits from social media. They continue to struggle with measuring results. Fewer than half use social media for generating leads effectively.
Visits and web traffic are the first things marketers look at in measuring effectiveness. They then look at the number of leads, and the number of downloads. Many are starting to apply ROI analysis used in other marketing efforts. Marketing is result driven.
You can use analytics to watch key performance indicators. They will help you keep your messages on track. Keeping track of your contact efforts lets you change what isn’t working.
The KPI’s you want to watch to measure your contact strategy are reach, engagement, and demographics.
Your social media reach is your number of followers. You want to grow your reach to have more chances to make a sale. Keeping track of followers will let you know if your reach is growing. If you see you are losing followers, then that may mean you need to adjust your strategy.
Effective reach comes from targeting the right customers. This is why you want to know your demographics. Gender, age, location, and time zones can give you insight into how you post.
Your engagement is the number of likes, shares, comments, and mentions. They will tell you the number of active followers.
Social media allows you to communicate with your customer. It is a contact tactic. Likes, shares, and clicks are not effective in measuring marketing’s success. They are effective in measuring your communication efforts.
People will like and share posts related to their interests. Increase your reach by earning likes and shares. Share compelling material and others will like and share with you.

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