SEO is a “Bug”?

Des: It ‘a bug that you can get high rankings in Google without buying advertising, and Google is trying to fix this bug.
“The EES is not good for users” and “It ‘a bug that you can get high rankings in Google without buying advertising, and Google is trying to fix this bug” is 2 sentences spoken by a Google employee , and going against what Google has said up to now. What emerges from these sentences, is that this new employee seems to know very well how things work in Google. bug

The person in question is that Jonathan Rockway. It ‘a new Googler – or Noogler – as they are called the new employees. He started work at Google in early January. We do not know what his duties, but does not seem to be related to web search.

The SEO is not a good thing?

This has not prevented Rockway from commenting on SEO and our ads in a discussion on Hacker News , here is an excerpt of what he said:
“If the social characteristics are relevant, then users will gain a better user experience. And this is a good thing, even if the individual pages receive less traffic from Google. Instead of doing SEO on the entire Internet, companies can now influence the search results for a small percentage of users. This is a good thing because SEO is not able to climb, and SEO is not good for users or the Internet generally. “
The SEO is not good for users? As might be expected, this phrase has quickly attracted the attention of the SEO community, by Aaron Wall at Barry Schwartz .

Google says that SEO is not spam

The official position of Google is that SEO is not a bad thing. The company said it several times over the years. And a few months ago, Matt Cutts did a whole video to explain that the SEO is not spam :
Danny Sullivan, Google has confirmed that this video “accurately portrays our position” about SEO.

The advertisements can position yourself well?

Perhaps even more disturbing is what it says about Rockway ads:
“If you look at the experience of using Google’s point of view of the customer, it’s pretty good. Users from their searches, obtain relevant results and advertisements. Advertisers put their content on top of everything else. It ‘a good compromise between usability and advertising, and it works really well. It’ a bug that you can get high rankings in Google without buying advertising, and Google is trying to fix this bug. Manipulate Google’s results should not be something that you feel entitled to do. If you want to position yourself well in Google, be relevant to users. Entertain them with a report on social or via email, provide them with useful information about your products / services and, in general, seeks to “reach out” to their wishes.“
The bolded phrase would suggest that Google is working to make sure that if you want to get high rankings on the engine, is to buy advertising.
There seems to be a reasonable thing, and probably does not know what it’s about Rockway (also seen in the guidelines that Google is clearly written that “participation in an advertising program does not affect either positively or negatively on the inclusion or ranking in the pages of Google’s search results “).

Advertisements do not matter

3 days after the first comment, Rockaway has made a 180 degree turn:
“I should not have to mention the commercials. The position on the results page should depend only on the quality of content, if your site has the best content on the Internet for the words searched by the user, should be among the results above. You should be able to change your position in the organic results in other ways, for example by exploiting bugs in the algorithm of Google ranking. The specifics of this algorithm may change, but if your site is the best, you have nothing to worry about. “
Once again, the EES is seen as a sort of “exploit”.
For the record, the official position of this mess by Google – communicated to Danny Sullivan – was as follows:
“As always, the placement in Google is completely independent from advertising and other partnership, there is no way to pay for a webmaster to get a better ranking.
When it comes to SEO, who owns a site of high quality can be found positioned well in Google without any outside help. Some still prefer to optimize their sites, and these people have published guidelines on how to evaluate a SEO company. “
Finally, I agree with Matt Cutts when he says that it is nice to see more Googlers who communicate. But I would prefer that the Googlers who communicate, at least know what they’re talking about.

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