Managed Data Migration Service

CWI Hosting understands that changing solution providers can be a daunting and challenging task. In addition to the original reasons for moving, many unacceptable risks, such as downtime, compatibility, and database transitions, can be disastrous during these tough and competitive economic times.
You can breathe easier with CWI’s Guaranteed Managed Migration Services. With over eight years of experience in dealing with simple to complex mission-critical solutions, you’ll have peace of mind during the transition. We take great care and planning when moving your online business. Our team will ensure a smooth transition for your business to our services.

There are a few common reasons for migrating to a new provider:
Transitioning from financially troubled providers
Transitioning due to a lack of acceptable support levels
Transitioning due to unacceptable value and performance ratios
Outsourcing web infrastructure
Outsourcing applications and
Services include:
Assigned Project Manager
Responsible for managing every aspect of the migration, the manager provides a primary point of contact for all issues associated with the migration directly through Our MY CWI support portal and Toll-Free Phone access.
Migration Management
CWI Hosting will not only configure the necessary requirements, packages or equipment on our end, but we will assist you in accessing your data at its current location and recompile everything after backup and transfer sessions.
Temporary Services
Short-term equipment and facilities leasing is available to assist in the migration process. Temporary and standby servers are also available. Benefits include multi-phased moves to simplify the move process while insuring the high availability of your solution. You’ll have the ability to implement and test a new solution while simultaneously maintaining existing solutions.

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