10 Best Free Discord Voice Changer

Discord Voice Changer:- Discord is absolutely the best gaming conversation support on the market, and if you’re a gamer, you’re likely using it daily. Discord provides both voice and text-based chat solutions and that I know a fantastic amount of individuals using voice changer apps to modify their voice when speaking on Discord.

 Best Discord Voice Changer

Some folks do it for privacy reasons, and some do it for pleasure. No matter your motives might be, there is no one denying that it is a fantastic tool to have in your toolbox. Consequently, if you’re considering changing your voice while utilizing Discord, here are the 1 0most excellent Discord Voice Changer that it is possible to utilize.

What’s Discord?

For people who don’t know, Discord is an entirely free application utilized for text and voice communication. It’s geared toward players. The program supplies a reasonable amount of management for those that would like to communicate more than classes. Discord talks occur with the assistance of the servers that the Discord provider provides.

Why Utilize Voice Changers?

Many folks use voice changers since it seems as though they make said individuals more anonymous. Some trolls utilize them so they might frighten individuals more menacingly. Many kids use voice changers to conceal their age so they might attend 18+ gaming chats without being obstructed. Plus, some people today hide their sex utilizing voice changers.

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Best Voice Changer for Discord

1. Voicemod | Paid | Windows

Among the most popular and most excellent voice, changer apps that you could use on Discord are Voicemod. Not just the service offers you a lot of unique voices, but also, it makes it quite simple to use. Aside from Discord, Voicemod may also be employed with other voice chat solutions such as Skype, PUBG, Fortnite, Hangout, Mumble, and much more.

Voicemod effects also seem more natural than most other voice changer programs I have tried. My preferred voice mods incorporate the cave, cathedral, owned, and kong, amongst others. There are hundreds of mods to pick from, so install the program and receive your voice mods.


  • The voices you create sound great
  • Professionally designed and simple to installs
  • Adaptive with Lots of applications


  • Program and site needs proofreading because of its many composed mistakes
  • Appears to conceal paid version until You’ve actually downloaded

2 – VoiceMeeter | Free | Windows

Voicemeeter is much more of an Audio Mixer, but it may also be utilized to increase or lower your voice pitch. Audio Mixer Application endowed using Virtual Audio Device utilized as Virtual I/O to combine and handle any sound sources from or into some sound devices or software. You pay what you need when you need it if you find it useful. Voicemeeter is a unique Program constructed for everyone ready to handle sound carefully!

  • To combine your voice with your songs or Google Voice and create your live podcast or personal radio program.
  • To utilize 2x USB headset onto a pc, for VOIP programs or online educational applications.
  • To Play Video Games at 5.1 and maintain the MIC for communicating with your team.
  • To generate tutorials along with your favorite audio/video capture program.
  • To Document Interview or Seminar in multichannel for article creation.
  • To use a distinct Audio Program jointly and record the functionality in contact along with your favorite DAW.
  • Ultimately to handle only whatever sound sources in your personal computer in a simple way.

3 –ClownFish | Free | Windows

ClownFish is a free voice changer for Windows, which you can use to modify your voice when chatting on Discord. ClownFish can be set up at the machine level, so any program that uses your mic can be forced to use your altered voice. While ClownFish can’t match the number of voice mods supplied by software like VoiceMod, the ramifications it will bring are relatively high.

The effects list comprises Alien, Atari, Robot, man, female, infant, and radio. The program can also be rather simple to prepare and use. If you’re interested in finding a free voice changer application for Discord, this may be the sole.


  • It’s freeware and does not require a free subscription or accounts sign
  • installation is pretty simple and fast


  • There are no Extra voice effects except that the Customized pitch operates.
  • Some voices make sure accents difficult to Comprehend.
  • Has a restricted girl voice changer to get discord.

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4. MorphVox Jr | Free | Windows

MorphVox Jr is a free sound effect tool which could change your voice. It is possible to use the built-in voices and sound effects to seem like a man, girl, child, robot, or even some of the supported voices. The program analyzes your voice to execute the perfect voice switch effects to seem as close to normal as possible.

There are some downsides to using this free program, however. The first downside is that advertisements support it. The next and more significant drawback is it is not quite as straightforward to install to operate with Discord since a number of the additional voice changer software on this listing. You need to use it only if you’d like better audio quality and are all set to devote hours on figuring out how its setup.

5. Voxal Voice Changer Paid | Windows

The previous program on the list is your Voxal Voice Changer that brings a great deal of reliable voice-altering attributes. Not just it enables you to record voice real-time, but also, it lets you apply effects to recorded voices. When using Discord, you may use it in real-time, and there is no time delay so that you may speak on Discord without appearing out of sync.

The program also includes an enormous effect library, including robot, woman, boy, cryptic, atmospheric, echo, and a lot more. Aside from Discord, the program works with voice chat solutions such as Skype, Hangouts, and much more. In general, this is a superb voice changer program for Discord.

How to Choose the Best & Free Voice Changer for Discord?

1. Straightforward or Skilled

The free voice changer you select depends upon your requirements. If you’re searching for something comfortable and fast, then select a complementary open-source application. On the flip side, if you’re searching for something that will help you record and alter your voice, think about a program that’s additional paid versions.

2. Windows, Mac, or much more
The voice changer for Discord Mac models is a bit less common online. If you’re a Mac user, then look at sticking to the program offerings on Apple-moderated marketplaces. Altering up your voice for Discord is not a challenging job, so you should probably stay away from compensated apps if you’re a Mac user.

3. Which Voice Effects You Want?

If you’re trying to find a female voice changer to get Discord, then mainly every single voice changer will suit you. Each app/program recorded on this guide includes a female voice variant. This is because a female voice is more usually considered higher pitched and milder, and this type of tone can be found through all of the apps/programs recorded above.

4. Can I use Free Trial?

One of the most important reasons why you should not pay to get a voice changer initially is because there’s no assurance that the app will do the job. This way, in case it does not work, you have not lost anything.

Don’t be tricked into believing you need to cover every instrument. Many voice changers can make it look like their only choices are paid variations, but this is frequently not true. Even the ones who don’t have a completely free version will frequently have a free trial that you could exploit.

Final Words

Since every one of the tools within this article is liberated, nothing is stopping you from downloading them all and trying everyone. Be sure that you are downloading from a trusted and secure location because some sites host malicious downloads, which aren’t what they say they’re.

You might also have a couple of issues concerning compatibility. By way of instance, some will only operate on the Windows apparatus, iOS apparatus, or Android apparatus. However, not one of the apps listed in this article is iOS only. Are you a lover of one or more free Discord Voice Changer? Share this article on interpersonal websites with your pals and start a discussion. Let your buddies know which tool you’re using to join you in the humorous voice shifting enjoyable.

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